Entrepreneurs seeking an exit

A couple had been building their business for over twenty years in the oil and gas sector and felt they had taken the business as far as they could.


Both felt burnt out and knew it was time for a change in their lives. The couple didn’t know if they were ready to retire, but knew they needed to recharge the batteries and give themselves some much needed rest and reflection time.

An approach and offer was made by a competitor which they accepted with the reality that this provided them with financial independence for the rest of their lives. They had received financial advice over many years from an IFA but this had been a transactional service which they didn’t value. They were looking for something different but they didn’t know what it was. Their accountant recommended VWM Wealth.

We spent time finding out their story; their values and their goals. We asked them to describe the next chapters in their lives which helped them immensely. Their main goals were

  • To protect their lifestyle for the rest of their lives.
  • Buy a holiday home overlookingthe sea.
  • If affordable gift monies to their children in their lifetime.

We calculated the cost of their annual “lifestyle”, added the cost of the new holiday home and the amount being gifted, and modelled this to determine their ‘number’.

VWM Wealth presented our recommendations to the couple which confirmed that their lifestyle was protected; they had sufficient surplus monies to buy the holiday home of their dreams. Finally a discretionary trust was established for the benefit of their children and future grandchildren.

We meet with them each year to ensure they remain on track.