How much is enough?

We helped a family company prepare their business for sale. We showed our clients how much they needed to generate from the sale so that they could have security in their future and make the most of their lives.


Our clients had been running their company for 25 years, building an operation with 40 staff over three sites. A competitor had made an offer for their business. Previously they had turned down such offers. But the time felt right to consider a sale as retirement was no more than five years away.

Our clients thoughts had an idea of what the business was worth, based on their accountant’s estimations. However, they didn’t know how much money they needed to enjoy the retirement lifestyle they wanted. This concern was heightened by the fact they would be retiring earlier than originally planned.

Our approach

We introduced them to a business sale specialist, who worked with their accountant to prepare the business for a sale.

We showed them how much they needed to secure their desired future lifestyle. This gave them a negotiating target. Once they received the right offer, it was easy to accept and retire early.


The family had longed to get away from British winters and after taking our advice had the confidence to purchase an overseas holiday home.

Financial confidence also enabled them to establish a trust for the benefit of their children and future grandchildren.

We meet with our clients annually to review their financial plan. This lets us react to any changes and check they remain on target to meet their long-term goals.